Koyla Shisha lounge & Cafe is the Best Shisha Lounge in Dubai

Hookah also known as shisha in most parts of the world, is the new trend around the globe. Koyla is the best shisha lounge in Dubai.  Shisha was introduced in India in 16th Century also known as Hookah. During the British East India Company Shisha was famous in noblemen in high society. Later on, Shisha became a part of Persian culture and got popularity, during that time shisha was widely famous.

In today’s world, we find a lot of shisha cafés and lounges across the globe. Shisha is famous for family parties, corporate gatherings, social get-togethers, and mainly among groups of friends. Shisha comes in different flavors and aromas which attracts smokers. While there has been progressed in hookah over the years, the practice remains deeply rooted in tradition. And for many people spanning numerous nationalities, hookah is a cultural expression, specifically in the Arab world.

The greatest tourist place of most visitors and home of millions of ex-pats.Best Shisha Lounge in Dubai

The UAE is one of the best countries where you can find all the luxuries of life from Beaches, Resorts, Bars, and Shisha lounges. There is a lot of designer Shisha café and lounges in Dubai, people can find some of the best shisha lounges in Dubai, from luxuries to economical as a result people from all walks of life can enjoy their weekend or nights with their families and friends. From the world’s tallest hotel to the world’s tallest building, Dubai provides its people a range of extravagances of life.

If you want to experience and enjoy good, economical, and unique flavors of shisha, you must head to Koyla Café and Lounge, located in the heart of Dubai. Koyla café and lounge have a variety of unique Shisha Flavor like Pan Flavor and a lot of other inventions of umpteen hookah flavors. Koyla is a pioneer in Desi Shisha Lounge being the first ones to open a Desi place. It offers Ladies, Couples, Guys, Karaoke, Mask, and BBQ night. You can get shisha as minimum as AED 35 with a variety of food, BBQ grills, and much more in the Bur Dubai Karama Area. Please visit our website 

A perfect place for a perfect evening!